One point for fake tan, none for this poor girl…

Funny Pictures


I found this picture on as i was actually looking for something ridiculous like this. While i am sure this got the “what the what?!” reaction out of you, i cannot decide which part of the picture made that happen. The obvious cause for you to run from the computer screaming is the horrible fake tan this girl has inevitably wasted her money on unless thats just  sunburn mixed with the wrong kind of covergirl makeup.

 It could also be the fact that the two friends in the picture with her not only let her leave the house, they decided documenting the all time low of tanning for this girl would be a good idea (I would like to point out however that the guy in the red shirt does look pretty disgusted). The third thing that made me chose this picture is the fact that it was put on the internet on a countless number of sites for the pure enjoyment of what? While i would like to laugh at this picture i for one cannot do so without losing some of my dinner. So I have come to the conclusion that there are two lessons to be learned from this picture; 1) STAY AWAY FROM FAKE TANNING AT ALL COSTS and 2) this picture is one of the many examples of the fact that most of the internet population has nothing better to do than look at this picture and pictures just like it.  =)


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