9 restaurants that will kill you

http://www.funnyordie.com/stories/4f6fc2461f/9-restaurants-that-will-kill-you. Hungry?? Well here’s a list of 9 restaurants that will probably back up your system for days. The #1 restaurant on the list is literally called Heart Attack Grill coming to us from Chandler, AZ.

“The Heart Attack Grill makes no bones about what they are serving you by naming it’s burgers after cardiology procedures. The waitresses are dressed as nurses and the motto is “taste worth dying for”. They cook everything in lard and serve flat liner fries. You know what you’re getting into when you order the Quadruple Bypass Burger – 2 pounds of lard soaked beef. It’s 8,000 calories. You better hope those are real nurses if you take this on.”

Another top contender on the list is located in Brooklyn NY where they believe nothing tastes good unless it is fried. Looking at the descriptions of these restaurants made me what to go to the gym and never look back. These are just some of the many examples of how America has managed to forget about portion sizes and calorie counts. Going to these restaurants will cause increase in weight, clogged arteries, and a one way ticket the the fat camp of your choosing. My hope is that the food at these restaurants is the most amazing thing ever, but I’m sure in reality it is not worth the death-by-cheeseburger. If you ever find yourself at one of these restaurants even after reading their descriptions, I hope for your sake that the heart attack on a plate was worth it. =)


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