Evolution of Dance 1&2.



The evolution of dance was made viral with a bang! Ever since Judson Laipply stepped on that stage in his orange crush t-shirt and blue jeans dancing to a wide variety of the best known songs from Elvis Presley all the way to N”Sync these videos have been a hit. The first evolution of dance video got such great reviews, Judson Laipply decided to do America a favor and make a second video. Lucky us!! I have got to admit it though, this Judson guy actually can dance, which probably makes this video even funnier. He has even made his own website http://www.theevolutionofdance.com/ where you  can view the video, buy t-shirts, and even download all of the songs used in the video straight to your itunes account. Since the first video was made it has become the #1 Most Viewed All Time Video on YouTube.com, the #1 Top Rated Video on youtube.com , and the#3 Most Discussed Video on youtube.com, making it essentially a really big hit with all the kiddies. All i have to say to Judson Laipply is keep up the good work, this evolution of dance thing is really working out well for you. =)


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