Twilight Parody.

Wow. I actually really LIKE Twilight, and I’m not so sure about this video. I like it, but at the same time I don’t like it.

The people who were involved in this video must have spent a really long time making it. Maybe that’s why i don’t like it so much. The amount of effort put into re-creating a good movie into a Katy Perry music video is ridiculous. The song by itself is good, and the video by itself is good, but together?!  I like the fact that this video is really well put together, however. The synced choreography and scenes to match the movie were really great and i really enjoyed that part of it.

Maybe the reason why i kind 0f don’t like this video is because it brought to my attention the amount of time a person/ group of people would be willing to waste simply to upload something onto the Internet. Is something worth more on the Internet? Does it look or work better? The people who made this produced it like it was a cinematic release movie, complete with credits, yet only a handful of people on the Internet will ever watch it. The important question here is, was it really worth their time?

Maybe im just jealous i didnt do this myself. Actually, maybe not.;)


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