Peanut Butter Jelly Time in Iraq

“These are the things we do when we’re bored waiting on our Team Leader to come out from meetings with our Iraqi counterparts. We did all this without any of them realizing it.” – medicmafia

I was on youtube looking for a video that was seemingly popular, and after awhile i came across  a lot of videos of the troops in Iraq. I’m guessing making videos in Iraq and putting them up on youtube is becoming increasingly popular. Also all of the videos are dance videos, so soldiers really like to dance? This video happened to be the video with the most hits by about 880,000 views. I think this video is pretty funny and its a good way for the soldiers to blow off steam and relieve themselves of boredom. I think its also pretty cool that they were able to do that without their team leaders noticing. If  I went to Iraq, I would definitely make videos like this. There is no problem with videos like this becoming viral, its good clean fun. =)


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