How to Get the Girl.


how to get the girl


I think this picture is so funny, mostly because there is some truth to the graph. I found this on and i was so amused that I felt the need to post it on my blog. I’m sure many feminists would find this to be very offending and would rip the creator of this to shreds. Let me inform you however, I am a female and a senior in high school and i can say based off what i have seen in my short life (I’m almost 18!!) that ignoring a girl is one of the most successful ways to get her to fall for you. It may not be quite is successful as this graph states, but it does work. I like this picture because i always find thing that make fun of dating to be funny. Many of them have no truth to them, but how many people can say they believe everything they read off the Internet anyway?


Based off the viral content i have posted to this blog so far, I’m starting to see things in a new light. Although most things posted on the Internet are pretty pointless, they can also be very entertaining. As long as they don’t hurt anyone/anything, I’m starting to have no problem with the things posted on the Internet (but they still are ridiculous). Call me crazy. =)


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