Joe Jonas Dancing to Single Ladies.

jj single ladies


So this is the famous Joe Jonas Single Ladies dance that everyone is talking about. I posted the actual Beyonce music video in case anyone wanted to compare Joe’s version to the real thing. It would be pretty difficult to do that though, because Joe doesn’t really do much dancing…

Even though Joe probably should have rehearsed more, he is definitely a good sport for dancing in a unitard with black 3 inch heels on. I cannot however determine if i am amused or a little bit scared. This video is obviously supposed to promote the new CD that is coming out on June 16th titled “Lines Vines and Trying Times” (look! Yet another album plug for the joebros! I should be reimbursed for my efforts). I think the idea of the Jonas brothers using a viral video to promote their album is actually really clever. This video has probably been watched a million times not only by fans of Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas but by people who don’t even like the Jonas brothers. I’m sure if you ask people who are not fans of the Jonas brothers why they watched this video they will say they were curious or they needed to see it for themselves. So good job boys, but I would like to point out that in the actual music video there were 2 backup dancers… Kevin and Nick where were you?? So the new album has been plugged once more for the trio in case they didn’t have enough crazy fans who were willing to buy a billion copies, and everyone is left with mixed emotions after seeing the video; whats next? =)


2 Responses

  1. the fact that Joe Jonas works for Disney makes this video at least a little funny

    • Good point! I didnt even consider his role in the Disney franchise when i wrote this post.

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