David After Dentist.
June 2, 2009

david after dentist


The explination of this video is that The little boy (David) was afraid to go to the dentist to get dental surgery so his dad promised him he would video tape the before and after so David could see what it was like after he was done. This is obviously the after video. Davids mom was also unable to attend because of work, but they all laughed about the video once the medicine wore off for David. (more…)


One point for fake tan, none for this poor girl…
May 19, 2009

Funny Pictures


I found this picture on dailyhaha.com as i was actually looking for something ridiculous like this. While i am sure this got the “what the what?!” reaction out of you, i cannot decide which part of the picture made that happen. The obvious cause for you to run from the computer screaming is the horrible fake tan this girl has inevitably wasted her money on unless thats just  sunburn mixed with the wrong kind of covergirl makeup.